Tuesday, August 14, 2012


  1. kBBQ + Sushi = stuffed dead Roya (it's a delicacy in these parts)
  2. Paint chips stolen from Home Depot to be used in a special project I have planned
  3. David's Tea is a perfect example of creating your own customer base - before they came to town I DIDN'T EVEN DRINK TEA GUISE. Now I'm obsessed.
  4. The hipster goddess that is my little sister.
  5. A painting said sister drew. I hate her for being flawless (Oh well, at least I'm older. Right?!)
  6. New scarf from Urban Outfitters that I creeped for like a month before buying since I like most sane people have an aversion to 30 dollars scarves. But alas, I caved.
  7. #ARMPARTY (self-explanatory and yes, I had to. Sorry.)
  8. Space Invaders mural on a house on my street. How come my house isn't this cool?
  9. My mother being her lovely self
  10. Zara booties that will haunt my nightmares.

I suspect I am rapidly becoming one of those Instagram people who everyone hates but as such a long time Blackberry user I need a few days to revel in the **amazingness** that is Android. that's right, I finally upgraded to a Samsung Gaalxy S3 after spilling nail polish remover on my last phone (RIP Blackberry) and I haven't put it down since I got it five days ago.

In other news, I got back from Lollapalooza about a week ago and it was seriously the best time of my life. I mentioned in my last post that I was heading there alone as my plans with my friend who was supposed to accompany me fell through - to anyone who is thinking about going to a festival or on a trip by themselves, do it. Don't hold yourself back or have regrets about things you wanted to do but didn't because you didn't have someone else around. I had an amazing time at Lolla - saw artists I had been wanted to see for ages, met some incredibly cool people, and got to experience the lovely city of Chicago. My one recommendation would be to stay somewhere like a youth hostel if you can - it was a great, friendly environment that helped me make a lot of friends.

I would post pictures of my time at Lollapalooza but the reality of the situation is that I was either too busy dancing to take any or looking like a hot mess in the few that I did take. You'll just have to take my word that it was amazing - or even better, go check it out yourselves next year.