Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Worlds in Half, and I'm Still Wishing.

Urban Outfitters cardigan, Stitches top, Bongo jeans, ASOS ring.

Basis of this look: Simple black canvas, garnished with a few quirks.
Sometimes, it's all in the details.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Outfits of the Week: 2010.11.14-20

Jennie of Going West

Shu Pei via Vanessa Jackman
Margaret of Shine by Three
Anjelica of Mode Junkie
Angelica of Mode Junkie (again, cause she killed it this week.)

Trying to post outfits more often, but this week was one of those weeks where I'd get back home at the end of the day and ask myself what in the fresh hell I was wearing. Hence, no photos. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

R+tM loves: Jeffery Campbell

I couldn't afford to buy another pair, so I made a collage about the ones I want instead. I don't know if you noticed, but when I comes to shoes I have a serious problem - I almost always buy the black pair, because I feel like it will match best. (Which, normally it does.) But a pair of brown shoes probably wouldn't kill me, right?

P.S. I may love Jeffrey Campbell, but nobody loves JC quite the way Pink Kitten does. She's currently at 160 pairs and counting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Black Everything (Again)

Urban Outfitters tunic, Costa Blanca shorts, Hue tights, Forever 21 earrings, thrifted leather belt, ring & necklace from flea market.

Getting details shots on Photobooth is kind a of a bitch. Sorry for the rather alarming last shot, lol.

Another all black look - I'm trying not to bore you guys but all black is just so easy. This outfit definitely got me a few "WTF is she wearing?" stares today, which is strange because everything I wore today was pretty standard Uni wear - although maybe not in the way I wore it. This UO tunic is too short be worn on its own (or even with leggings, in my opinion... I've tried) so I chose to add black shorts under it to make a it little less scandalous. To be honest, it's actually more clear in the pictures than in real life that I'm wearing shorts. Short version of this story: people were confused. I was most certainly asked if I was wearing a skort.

But back to all black everything - it's awesome. I have a friend who dresses only in monochrome. A look at her closet:

I'm seriously jealous. Imagine how easy it would be to get dressed in the morning? Every time I look at her closet, I seriously consider converting... but one look in my closet at all the clothing I love (ranging over every colour of the rainbow) is enough to change my mind back.

P.S. If you want to know what shoes I'm wearing, just imagine the above outfit with these boots. I wear them almost everyday - so worth the money.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outfits of the Week: 2010.11.07-13

Decided to start a new feature where I spotlight my favourite blogger & streetsyle outfits from the past 7 days, every Sunday. Love a look? Be sure to check out their blog - all these girls have lots more where this came from.

Jennie, Going West

The last outfit by Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit technically doesn't fall within the time frame I set out for this post, but it had to included - it's the look that inspired me to start this feature.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Do It Like A Brother, Do It Like A Dude.

H&M waistcoat, Garage dress, American Apparel lace shirt, lulumumu @ Etsy necklace, Urban Outfitters gloves.

Not going to lie, this outfit is basically a day version of the one worn in this post not too long ago (aka this weekend, lol.) It's inspired by Jessie J's new song "Do It Like A Dude" which is underneath these photos. Most powerful voice I have heard from an artist in a while. If you want to feel uplifted, look up her song "Who You Are". Few people can make those lyrics work without seeming cheesy but Jessie J is certainly one of those people.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All Black Everything.

I am still super bummed about my camera - but on the bright side, midterms are (finally) over! Now only 3 weeks until finals. Awesome.

 H&M jacket and sheer shirt, Bongo jeans, Forever 21 cross necklace, Frye boots, rings from flea market & eBay.

I hate that at Photobooth quality you can't even see how sheer this shirt is. But onto happy, positive thoughts. Now that it's November, am I allowed to make a Christmas wishlist? Or listen to Christmas music? If you said no, too bad. I already did.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Alexander Wang x Opening Ceremony

I have spent days scheming about how to own these trousers. But alas - I am broke, and there is no getting around that sad fact. As is life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Quiet Scares Me 'Cause It Screams The Truth.

A couple outfits from the past few days:

American Apparel dress, H&M necklace, Ardene's cardigan, Hue tights.

Forever 21 rings, Garage dress, American Apparel lace bodysuit.

So really shitty news: my camera no longer works, and I am too poor to buy a new one. Which leaves me at a loss for how to keep this blog going. For now, I'm just going to take outfit pictures on Photobooth until I can find a better solution.

I know everything that could possibly be said about the H&M x Lanvin collection has been said, so I'll keep this short. I was one of those bloggers who were jizzing their pants over the prospect of this collection - but on the models, the collection was rather underwhelming. After going and looking at the collection online however, I'm particularly loving the yellow one-shouldered dress and cream skirt pictured above. Although seeing as how I won't even be in Toronto when the collection debuts there is a fat chance of me ever getting my hands either.