Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

So does anyone ever go out shopping for Christmas presents and end up getting things for themselves? I was always pretty good at staying on task with this stuff - or at least until this week. Some stuff I grabbed downtown on Saturday:

Jackets, thrifted ($10/each)
Peplum Top, TopShop ($32)

I've been wanting a quilted jacket lining (1st picture) for ages; I'm so happy I finally found the perfect one. I also already have the peplum top in black, but I am that person who buys something in multiple colours when I love it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Also got this today (I can never resist buying a new hat right after I get my hair done):

Neon Beanie, American Apparel ($22)

So suffice to say, at this point I'm feeling like getting any presents on top of this might be a little overboard. I know this is all very cliche of me but I do feel like I'm finally starting to realize the "true meaning of Christmas" - I have never looked forward to seeing the ones I love more and cared about receiving gifts less.

Anyways, I hope you get to spend this time around the ones you love -- if not, be sure to let them know you care. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

P.S. I've attached a super random list of some of my Christmas favourites. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas wishlist

I posted my "Luxury Wishlist" over at The Style Spy last week, and now I'm giving you my more realistic Christmas Wishlist... in Prezi format. Prezi is basically Powerpoint with insane perspective changes (shit's zooming and panning all over the place), which I discovered less than 12 hours after my last major presentation this semester. Since I can't use it at school, I decided to use it to display my Christmas Wishlist. Enjoy (and view fullscreen for maximum effect.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

instagrammin' & a shopbop giveaway winner

It's crunch time at school and I am basically getting all my kicks from eating horrible food or spending money I don't have - all of which is documented on my Instagram (which I'm sure you're dying to see.

best burger ever (yes, that is peameal bacon.) // my favourite new Aldo ankle booties

shit I bought // black milk "burned velvet" leggings
wearing my black milk tiger swim // apple mosaic tart w/ salted caramel (recipe)

apple pie cookies // accent nail manicure (*sew trendy*)

my friends and I at Zedd // mini-apple pies

pomegrate seeds give you life // jalepeno refried beans w. cilantro and sour cream

Oh yeah, and before I forget, the winner of the "ShopBop x Roya + the Machine" $100 Giveaway is Patti, entry #244. Be sure to check your email! =)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giveaway: 100$ to ShopBop!

Hello lovely readers: I've partnered up with ShopBop to present you all with the chance to 100 dollars to their store! Yeah that's right, #freeshit y'all. They sell pretty much every contemporary brand under the sun, including some of my favorites: Frye, Rachel Comey, Tweltfh St. by Cynthia Vincent, Helmut Lang, Mackage, Nixon, CC Skye, MINKPINK, Enza Costa & Alexander Wang.

So the real question is: what would you buy? Me? I'm seriously loving these Madison Harding booties, and this Helmut Lang top... or maybe a new Equipment blouse? Too many wants, not enough monies.

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below - all instructions are included on there. Open to all readers, national & international alike! (I'm equal opportunity like that.) The winner will be chosen randomly using

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. I found you guys some ~100 dollar stuff, to help you choose when you win... a pair of Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent sandals, Dolce Vita Jackal suede booties or this Splendid Pocket Blouse may soon be arriving on your doorstep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buy All The Things: Complex Geometries

Hey guys! It's been a while.

School's been crazy, life in GENERAL has been crazy. But something about blogging calms me. For a while there I thought it was the end but the truth is that you'll probably never be able to keep me away from the keyboard.

I've been obsessed with Complex Geometries for a while, and now more than ever I wish my closet was overflowing with it. Unique + minimalist + made in Canada = perfection.

Wave T, 162USD
P.S. Stay tuned, I have an awesome giveaway coming up soon! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


  1. kBBQ + Sushi = stuffed dead Roya (it's a delicacy in these parts)
  2. Paint chips stolen from Home Depot to be used in a special project I have planned
  3. David's Tea is a perfect example of creating your own customer base - before they came to town I DIDN'T EVEN DRINK TEA GUISE. Now I'm obsessed.
  4. The hipster goddess that is my little sister.
  5. A painting said sister drew. I hate her for being flawless (Oh well, at least I'm older. Right?!)
  6. New scarf from Urban Outfitters that I creeped for like a month before buying since I like most sane people have an aversion to 30 dollars scarves. But alas, I caved.
  7. #ARMPARTY (self-explanatory and yes, I had to. Sorry.)
  8. Space Invaders mural on a house on my street. How come my house isn't this cool?
  9. My mother being her lovely self
  10. Zara booties that will haunt my nightmares.

I suspect I am rapidly becoming one of those Instagram people who everyone hates but as such a long time Blackberry user I need a few days to revel in the **amazingness** that is Android. that's right, I finally upgraded to a Samsung Gaalxy S3 after spilling nail polish remover on my last phone (RIP Blackberry) and I haven't put it down since I got it five days ago.

In other news, I got back from Lollapalooza about a week ago and it was seriously the best time of my life. I mentioned in my last post that I was heading there alone as my plans with my friend who was supposed to accompany me fell through - to anyone who is thinking about going to a festival or on a trip by themselves, do it. Don't hold yourself back or have regrets about things you wanted to do but didn't because you didn't have someone else around. I had an amazing time at Lolla - saw artists I had been wanted to see for ages, met some incredibly cool people, and got to experience the lovely city of Chicago. My one recommendation would be to stay somewhere like a youth hostel if you can - it was a great, friendly environment that helped me make a lot of friends.

I would post pictures of my time at Lollapalooza but the reality of the situation is that I was either too busy dancing to take any or looking like a hot mess in the few that I did take. You'll just have to take my word that it was amazing - or even better, go check it out yourselves next year.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

my life in food photos

Food I've made in the last week - or at least some of it, I'm too lazy to take pictures of everything. Eat well, live well.

I have not been this happy in ages. Or more, content. It's not over the moon elation, but things seem calm and alright and I can't remember ever feeling like that. I'm currently on a shopping ban (full disclosure: I did slip up and buy a pair of high-waisted shorts at a thrift store last week for $10 bucks but they are !awesome!) and I feel like that might be helpful in the happiness department - it's a bit like I'm detoxing myself from all my unnecessary wants & "needs". 

Plus, I have to save money because I'm heading to Lollapalooza!!!!! in NINETEEN DAYS and I cannot wait. I'm actually going by myself, as my housemate who was supposed to come with me can no longer go, which is a bummer. I did consider not going, but I've been wanting to go for years and I saved hard to make sure I could go this year, so I'm going to live life to the fullest and go on my first solo travel experience. Fingers crossed that it's a positive one.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Joe (Keeps Me Looking) Fresh

As you have probably guessed, I am very bad with quips/being witty/good titles but hey, I tried. This is basically a haul post to show you all the shit I have bought from Joe Fresh in the past week - for what I consider pretty awesome prices. As a Canadian I am proud to represent anything that comes out of this country so I hope you won't tire of me constantly hyping my friend Joe.

Neon is to fashion bloggers as shiny objects are to magpies, this I will admit. Even though I love neon epic amounts, I held back on buying any neon items of clothing because I'm trying to invest in classic wardrobe pieces right now with the little money I have - and I don't want anything to look dated. That being said, this was one of those pieces that you try on in the dressing room and suddenly nothing else matters - you've got to have it. And so here I am, a blogger cliche once again (but loving it.) This 100% silk shirt was $39 - if you're looking for an affordable Equipment blouse alternative, Joe's got your back.

I have been looking for a cheap black maxi skirt forever. I love the concept of a maxi skirt but knew I probably wouldn't get much wear out of it so I knew I didn't want to spend too much on one. Found this one on sale at my local Joe Fresh for $10.

I kept looking at this blouse but I was usually in a rush or busy doing something else when I spotted it. It took me forever to get around to buying it - but when I finally did, it was on sale for $15! (Don't you love when that happens?) I am a sucker for anything with a snakeskin print.

Now it's time for a shopping ban. We'll see how long that lasts....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After I accidentally dropped and shattered my last crystal bullet necklace, I immediately set out on a mad hunt for a new one. Just got this baby in the mail, and I'm in love. Got it off hiyamoon on Etsy -- be sure to check him out!

P.S. I promise this post was not an excuse to take pictures of my rack.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life Can Be Cruel, If You're a Dreamer.

People are always telling me that I must not shop in stores, because every time they ask me where I got something, I say "online". After the haul I've received these past two weeks, I've got to acknowledge that they might have a point.
  1. Black Milk Hooded Bodysuit. It's a little hard to see laid out on the bed here, but trust me - it'll pay for itself in spades if I ever have to play Beyonce, Lady Gaga or a Sith Lord in some type of musical. Valid reason for buying, right? I thought so too.
  2. Studded Loafers, bought off EBay to fulfill my Louboutin Rollerball dreams. Will be a useful covert weapon against creepers in darkened alleyways.
  3. Equipment Signature Blouse in Chinese Red. The colour of this thing is stunning in real life. Tip for all my bargain hunters - Revolve offers 30% discount for first-time buyers that is valid for Equipment shirts. I paid 145USD for this instead of 274CAD+tax at Holt Renfrew. Winning.
  4. Sunglasses off EBay, inspired by the infamous Prada Baroque collection of sunnies. Lets be real, I'm too poor for real Prada glasses unless they're being partially covered by my insurance.
  5. Ring off EBay, inspired by the YSL Arty. Again, in my current financial state I really can't be bothered to splurge on what is basically glorified costume jewelry.
  6. Vintage Coach Abbie Purse, bought off Etsy (seriously the best place online to find vintage Coach.) It's seriously the most beautiful shade of lavender, and since I've been wearing mostly black/grey/white lately it adds a really delicate touch of colour to all my outfits which I'm loving. 
  7. Black Milk White Wallpaper Dress, bought to fulfill my lifelong dream of blending into a wall a la Garden State. Damask prints for the win!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

be mine.

Made some ~fancy~ Rice Krispie treats to celebrate the occasion. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Somehow The Lion-Hearted Failed To Win

Mackage "Doreen" Coat, American Apparel 3D Mesh Jumper, Nixon "Time Teller" Watch, Urban Planet Jeans, Frye Engineer 12R Boots.

Just realized that I never got to share my baby with you guys. My parents bought me this Mackage coat for my 21st birthday and there are not enough words in the English language (or at least, enough that I know) to express my love of this coat. It's heavy, beautiful and dramatic - not mention that when I'm wearing it, I feel like a Russian princess. It's so ~fancy~ that I accidentally call it a dress half the time instead of a coat.

Anyways, that's the end of my ode to this wool coat. I have to say however that it's really emphasized to me the importance of great outerwear, and how amazing having a beautiful coat can make you look and feel on a regular basis. I therefore deem 2012 the year of outerwear investments (on the to buy list: leather jacket, down filled parka, rain jacket, trench.)

We'll see how that goes. Y'all will be the first to know!