Wednesday, July 6, 2011

procrastination is the mother of invention

The title of this post (at least in my case) should probably be changed to "procrastion is fantastic motivation to start working on one of those entirely impractical DIYs you've had bookmarked for the last ten years" - but alas, that was too long. And the title I chose sounded better.

I've been dying to try my hand at making this bag ever since I bought my leather AA clutch over a month ago. Credit to Fashion 411 for the incredibly easy DIY.

The fruits of my labour:

We can consider this post a what's in her bag clutch and DIY all in one. (And yes, that is an Epi-Pen and an asthma inhaler. I was THAT kid.)

Also, joke of the day: I make said clutch, and run downstairs to show my dad my handiwork. He is rather unimpressed, but fakes some enthusiasm anyways (god bless his soul). I set down the clutch to go make dinner... and immediately lose it. There should probably be some rule banning people who are nearly legally blind without glasses (me) from making transparent things.

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  1. ahahaha that is so cool I havent thought about a transparent one! I love this, except what if you have something embarrassing in your bag... :P


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