Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What A Melancholy Astronautic Man

Joe Fresh Shirt, Bongo Jeans, Aldo Sandals, Asos Earrings, secondhand bangle from Mom.

The outfit I wore for lunch at Canoe this past Sunday. After searching all summer for the perfect menswear inspired silk shirt (and contemplating blowing my student budget on an Equipment blouse more than once), I found my perfect match in the unlikeliest of places - Joe Fresh, and on sale for twenty dollars no less.

Also, checked out the TopShop capsule collection at the Bay downtown, and I must say that I'm excited for TopShop to come to Canada in Spetember. Now all we need is a Uniqlo, and shopping in Toronto may not be so bad after all...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer(licious) in the City

For years my friend Vanessa and I had been talking about taking the jump: participating in Toronto's biannual two-week prix fixe restaurant festival that allows the plebes like myself to dine at the top-tier restaurants in the city without breaking the bank.

The photos above are from my three course meal at Canoe this past Sunday: the Chilled Holland Marsh Leek & Potato Soup with Marinated Baby Shellfish & Chive Oil, Wellington County Flatiron Steak with Smashed Cookstown Fingerling Potatoes, Corn & Wild Leek Aioli, and Lemon Thyme & Apricot Semifreddo with Almond Nougatine. That was a mouthful.

The previous Saturday, Vanessa and I, along with my friend Haley also dined at Sassafraz for Summerlicious and I honestly wish I had remember to charge my camera battery the night before. The restaurant was beautiful - well lit with lots of natural light (important for food photography!) with a great ambience, very chill but still upscale. I loved the fact that Sassafraz in located right in the heart of Yorkville; it's the perfect place to take a hopping break and eat a great meal with your girlfriends. (That is, when I'm grown and making the kind of money that is needed to pay for a regular meal at this restaurant.)

Canoe didn't necessarily have a worse atmosphere, but it was different from Sassfraz and one I was less comfortable in - Canoe is more of place for Toronto's execs to wine and dine over business. However, the food at Canoe was fantastic. I recommend that any fellow Torontonians try out either next Summerlicious (or Winterlicious!) A three course meal at either of these restaurants for $25 is a steal, and I encourage you to take advantage.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

procrastination is the mother of invention

The title of this post (at least in my case) should probably be changed to "procrastion is fantastic motivation to start working on one of those entirely impractical DIYs you've had bookmarked for the last ten years" - but alas, that was too long. And the title I chose sounded better.

I've been dying to try my hand at making this bag ever since I bought my leather AA clutch over a month ago. Credit to Fashion 411 for the incredibly easy DIY.

The fruits of my labour:

We can consider this post a what's in her bag clutch and DIY all in one. (And yes, that is an Epi-Pen and an asthma inhaler. I was THAT kid.)

Also, joke of the day: I make said clutch, and run downstairs to show my dad my handiwork. He is rather unimpressed, but fakes some enthusiasm anyways (god bless his soul). I set down the clutch to go make dinner... and immediately lose it. There should probably be some rule banning people who are nearly legally blind without glasses (me) from making transparent things.

Saturday, July 2, 2011