Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life Can Be Cruel, If You're a Dreamer.

People are always telling me that I must not shop in stores, because every time they ask me where I got something, I say "online". After the haul I've received these past two weeks, I've got to acknowledge that they might have a point.
  1. Black Milk Hooded Bodysuit. It's a little hard to see laid out on the bed here, but trust me - it'll pay for itself in spades if I ever have to play Beyonce, Lady Gaga or a Sith Lord in some type of musical. Valid reason for buying, right? I thought so too.
  2. Studded Loafers, bought off EBay to fulfill my Louboutin Rollerball dreams. Will be a useful covert weapon against creepers in darkened alleyways.
  3. Equipment Signature Blouse in Chinese Red. The colour of this thing is stunning in real life. Tip for all my bargain hunters - Revolve offers 30% discount for first-time buyers that is valid for Equipment shirts. I paid 145USD for this instead of 274CAD+tax at Holt Renfrew. Winning.
  4. Sunglasses off EBay, inspired by the infamous Prada Baroque collection of sunnies. Lets be real, I'm too poor for real Prada glasses unless they're being partially covered by my insurance.
  5. Ring off EBay, inspired by the YSL Arty. Again, in my current financial state I really can't be bothered to splurge on what is basically glorified costume jewelry.
  6. Vintage Coach Abbie Purse, bought off Etsy (seriously the best place online to find vintage Coach.) It's seriously the most beautiful shade of lavender, and since I've been wearing mostly black/grey/white lately it adds a really delicate touch of colour to all my outfits which I'm loving. 
  7. Black Milk White Wallpaper Dress, bought to fulfill my lifelong dream of blending into a wall a la Garden State. Damask prints for the win!

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