Saturday, July 14, 2012

my life in food photos

Food I've made in the last week - or at least some of it, I'm too lazy to take pictures of everything. Eat well, live well.

I have not been this happy in ages. Or more, content. It's not over the moon elation, but things seem calm and alright and I can't remember ever feeling like that. I'm currently on a shopping ban (full disclosure: I did slip up and buy a pair of high-waisted shorts at a thrift store last week for $10 bucks but they are !awesome!) and I feel like that might be helpful in the happiness department - it's a bit like I'm detoxing myself from all my unnecessary wants & "needs". 

Plus, I have to save money because I'm heading to Lollapalooza!!!!! in NINETEEN DAYS and I cannot wait. I'm actually going by myself, as my housemate who was supposed to come with me can no longer go, which is a bummer. I did consider not going, but I've been wanting to go for years and I saved hard to make sure I could go this year, so I'm going to live life to the fullest and go on my first solo travel experience. Fingers crossed that it's a positive one.


  1. What is that in the avocado skin? Looks good!

    Ooh you're going to a festival by yourself? I've thought about doing this but always chicken out! Are you staying at a hotel? Hope you take tons of pictures :)

    1. Its strawberry avocado quinoa salad! recipe here: best thing ever. plus its vegan so it's great to bring to dinner parties/potlucks.

  2. ohmygoshhhh looks so goddamn yummy
    dammit now im hungry

  3. mmm.....delicieux!!!J'adore!Des bisous:)
    Angela Donava


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