Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And We'll Never Be Royals

What's this... a blog post?

Yeah, kind of forgot this place existed. Been caught up with school, volunteering, starting my summer job, writing for The Style Spy, socializing and eating good food. But let's not be silly, there's always room for blogging between all that, yeah?

Outfit back story: Wore this out a while ago to go shopping with my Mom. I love how eye-catching this necklace is, and I'd been so caught up in wearing gold as of late that I forgot the great crisp, futuristic feel that only silver accessories are capable of.

Thrifted army jacket, Topshop peplum top, Forever 21 necklace, Urban Planet jeans, Fjallraven Kanken backpack, Frye Billy boots

Anyways, look out for more outfit posts in the coming days. Also, there may or may not be pictures posted from two months ago when there was still snow on the ground. No judgement y'all.

Also, boobs... 'cause I'm random like that.

To be honest this picture is probably the most accurate representation of what I'm like in real life posted on this blog thus far. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Lastly, good music is good for your soul.


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  2. Wow..its all so bold. Loved the accessories you are styling here. They are big, bright and bold. The necklace is gorgeous. Its kind of a choker statement. Great choice and great blog.


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