Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuck Yes, Team Canada!

This was very close to my expression last night after the hockey game:

Boots, Darcy and I went to watch the Olympic game at a local pub last night - we travelled to about 5 places before we found a pub that would let us in to watch the game, everywhere was so full. But what can I say, Canadians love their hockey!

Some photos:


It was so much fun, I'm glad I skipped out on the library for it (even though I had a midterm today, and another tomorrow.) It was fun being there with hockey fans of all ages (old men, little kids and everything in between), and it was nice to feel patriotic. Us Canadians, we don't spend enough time being proud of our nation. Instead, we almost run away from our identity - everyone here defines themselves by where they came from, not who we are. I'm glad I got the chance to bond with strangers and come together as a country in the name of hockey.

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