Friday, June 18, 2010

I Got My Own Style & I Got My Own Grace.

Went to my first wedding EVER this weekend! I wore my prom dress, but an altered version. Before - at prom:

Custom made & designed dress.

I seriously hate everything about this picture (and how I looked at Prom). Oh well, it's all in the (kinda-distant) past now.

After - at the wedding:

Got the dress altered to have a bubble hem - eons cuter, no?

Me with my uber-fashionable mother. Check out the back:

It's impossible to capture in photos but the way the dress moves and hangs is gorgeous.

The wedding was gorgeous, had a good time. I just need to put it out there however that Americans REALLY seem to love the Electric Slide. I always just thought it was used as a plot device in movies - but no, apparently it actualy happens in real life. Must learn it in time for my next wedding,

Titular Song: Get Fresh by Kid Sister.

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