Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Mind, One Heart, One Love.

Wore the outfit below to my friend's Father's Day BBQ (my parents were gone on vacation). I wore an altered version of the mommy jeans from last post:

 Dynamite blazer. American Apparel Afrika Print Big Pocket Tank. Ring from flea market. Thrifted DIY cutoff shorts. H&M dotted tights. Jeffrey Campbell "Clinic" wedges.

Good things about this past week:

--Finally received my Jeffrey Campbell Clinics!
--My parents have been on vacay, leaving me alone in my house for a week. Love these times.
--The G20 summit has induced a "casual-dress" code at work; basically means I have worn jeans to work everyday this week. LOVE.
--It's the World Cup people! I'm cheering on Brazil (I lived there when I was younger.) I'm so anxious about the Brazil-Portugal game on Friday.


--There was an earthquake today. IN CANADA. This stuff doesn't happen to us. And earthquakes are kinda a big here.
--Obsessed with the song from the title of this post - "One Love" by Trey Songz. Had it on repeat on bus to work today, but luckily my iPod died and allowed me to regain my sanity. Although I may have it on repeat as I write this post...

Anyways, working on spicing up the shorts in this post. Once again, stay tuned...

Titular Song: "One Love" by Trey Songz


  1. When I was living in L.A., we had a pretty big earthquake while I was on the sixth floor of a ten-story building. Pretty much everyone who wasn't from California crapped their pants. I think I may have said "Wheee!"


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