Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Captain of Love, Sailing The High Seas of Life.

A lil' Halloween picspam:

 American Apparel sheer dress, Banana Republic ring, lulumumu @ Etsy necklace, thrifted blazer.

A relatively tame Halloween, all things considered - but still a good time. Had friends dress up as a Girl Scout, a zombie and a vampire slayer. They look fab, no? In case you didn't already guess, I was a Naval officer.

My favourite part of my outfit had to be the "Love Compass" necklace which I got off lulumumu on Etsy. Because romance isn't easy, and sometimes we all need a little help to point us in the right direction.

A couple of .gifs to finish this post off (because I have far too much time on my hands, aka procrastination is an art for me.)

Please note how my Blackberry lights up in the second gif, lol.

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic night.

P.S. School and midterms have stolen my soul, but I promise to make an effort for things to get back to normal around here soon.


  1. Cool, I should do something with Halloween as well :D

  2. great blog :)
    your styles cute, the halloween pics are funny

    follow me

  3. So pretty sure you're doing some hilarious movements in the second last gif. I lol'd.


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