Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Quiet Scares Me 'Cause It Screams The Truth.

A couple outfits from the past few days:

American Apparel dress, H&M necklace, Ardene's cardigan, Hue tights.

Forever 21 rings, Garage dress, American Apparel lace bodysuit.

So really shitty news: my camera no longer works, and I am too poor to buy a new one. Which leaves me at a loss for how to keep this blog going. For now, I'm just going to take outfit pictures on Photobooth until I can find a better solution.

I know everything that could possibly be said about the H&M x Lanvin collection has been said, so I'll keep this short. I was one of those bloggers who were jizzing their pants over the prospect of this collection - but on the models, the collection was rather underwhelming. After going and looking at the collection online however, I'm particularly loving the yellow one-shouldered dress and cream skirt pictured above. Although seeing as how I won't even be in Toronto when the collection debuts there is a fat chance of me ever getting my hands either.


  1. I love your AA lace bodysuit, and your bow rings. Nice blog! The yellow shouldered dress is my favorite piece from that collection.

  2. Love your Outfits and definitely wanting the yellow shouldered dress.

  3. Ardene sells cardis? cool, i didn't know that!


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  4. Cardigan from Ardene???? Score!!! Do they come in different colors? :D

    Love the lace dress. Woot woot! :D

  5. that white scrunched/ruffle skirt is to die for. And i love ya lace dress. very cute.


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