Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Then You'd Say All of the Right things, Without A Clue.

Happy Holidays! I'm excited that today is the first of December - I can no longer be teased for listening to Christmas carols. Speeaking of getting into the holiday spirit...

Anyone want to buy me a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes for my 20th birthday/Christmas? (I'm a Size 11 - I know, gigantic feet.)

...Or not, it's cool.


  1. Net-A-Porter has those Givenchy Calf Hair Ankle Boots on sale for $741. Unfortunately, the size 41 is sold out. How anyone has $741 just chilling to drop on some seasonal footwear is beyond me...

  2. <3 the Joie Jovis. I'm still looking for distressed boots, but just bought a pair of knee highs from Nine West. They're in the mid $200 range and I'm still cringing at the price tag. If someone gave me a pair of designer shoes, I'll probably leave them on display instead of wearing out the soles. Sigh. One can dream right? :) Merry Christmas dear. May your wishlist be fulfilled.


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