Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Like My Beats Loud, And My Bass Down Low.

American Apparel dress, Aritzia sweater, Hue tights, Forever XXI necklace.

I think this is an outfit very befitting of a Canadian girl in the midst of winter. The only clothing craving I have experienced this winter was for a warm, thick, knitted sweater - the kind that you imagine wearing at the cabin, sitting by the fire and drinking hot cocoa. (This sweater totally fulfilled that longing.)

I love buying something and being completely obsessed with it - for me, this is always the mark of a good purchase. Nothing frees me from the guilt of buying an expensive item more than getting a ridiculous amount of use out of that piece - at least it was money well spent, right?

I'm going to use 2011 to completely overhaul my closet. It's full of cheap shit that I don't even like - getting dressed in the morning is a pain in the ass. I'm getting to the point in my life where I'd much rather have a closet a third of the size of my current closet, filled with well made things that I love, than my current closet (filled with shit that I'm rather apathetic towards.) Anyone else feel that way?


  1. I love your idea of redoing your whole wardrobe in 2011. I've been waiting forever to do the same thing, but it's difficult for me because I'm at college in a different city. Good luck with "overhauling" your closet!

  2. I really like that dress, so simple yet so flattering on you! :))) I'm currently redoing my wardrobe, so much fun - so liberating, too!

    If you get the time, check out my blog - I think you might like it! <3

  3. I second you with only wanting to wear sweaters, sweaters, and MORE SWEATERS :D

  4. def like to see ur new sweater making it's debut on ur blog...very nice MA DEAR


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