Saturday, February 26, 2011

They Say, "Be Afraid." You're Not Like The Others, Futuristic Lover.

Lola's Room blazer, Bongo jeans, Frye boots, American Apparel scarf, "Karl" tee from Kensignton Market.

I wore my hair in the Lady Gaga hair bow! Surprisingly easy thanks to this tutorial. Truthfully, half the reason I did this hairstyle was just to see if I could pull it off, the other half was that I wanted to see people's reactions. To be honest, not as much shock and outrage as I had hoped for. (I'll try harder next time.)

Started using tag.loudly and I'm loving the ability to tag my photos as well as the awesome image quality. Also, considering changing the blog layout. I don't feel it's a good fit for my personality but since I have little to no grasp of HTML/CSS, I'm stuck for now. Now adding "Learn How to Use Dreamweaver" to my impossibly long list of summer to-dos.

P.S. Thanks to Vess for taking these.


  1. your hair looks stunning in a bun!
    love your t with karl on it. <3


  2. Wow! i love your Karl Lagerfeld top!!!

  3. hey! i shop for vintage most often at various value villages, black market and kensington market! :)



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