Monday, March 7, 2011

Zig Me, And I'll Zag You Back

H&M faux leather shirt, Tristan Oxford shirt, Bongo jeans, Frye boots.

Wore this to church last Sunday. I'm one of those people that a. only goes to church when they're home visiting their family (because I'm too afraid to tell my parents that I don't actually believe in God) and b. only wears black & white to church. I figure the (faux) leather would keep it from getting too boring.

I got this shirt on sale at H&M for 5 bucks and I love it. There was a full wall of them when I got it... I guess a faux leather shirt just really isn't a regular gal's thing.

P.S. I apologize for looking so angry in these photos. My sister gave me a grand total of 30 seconds in front of the camera before heading off to the mall; she's patient like that.


  1. love those glasses girl, great blog :)

  2. love it, so perfect

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)
    Hahaha @ your sister. She reminds me of myself!



  4. LOL, I think your "angry look" suits the black and white outfit! WEERRRKKKK IT, Girl ;) I'm surprised that you saw a wall full of those leather tops because when I went to my regular H&M, I saw only a couple, both in size 2 (dang!)

  5. Hahahah you're hilarious! Always chic in b/w, totally church appropriate :D Espesh the leather...OoooWee hot stuff!


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  6. love the simple chic outfit! also love the scroll/tag feature you put on your pics. so genius!

    xx raez

  7. Loving that leather shirt!

  8. I thought you looked angry because there is snow on the ground, and you are outside without a jacket. That would make me angry. But at least you look super cute! I think this is the perfect church outfit.
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