Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And Once You've Had The Best, You Can't Do Better

H&M Linen Blazer, Mendocino Striped Blouse, Forever 21 Jeans, Bongo Jeans, Mango Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs flats.
What I wore for Father's Day brunch. My mother almost crucified me for daring to wear jeans on such a **momentous occasion** but really, there is only so much one can do when their laundry machine is broken. I'm beginning to suspect that Laundromats don't exist in the suburbs. In other news... I love this blazer. One of my best purchases so far this summer. (The next paragraph is an ode to this blazer, feel free to skip it if you have no interest in me blathering on about releatively meaningless garments.)

When I bought this blazer, all I could do was revel in it's beauty (I'm kind of obsessed with boyfriend blazers.) Once I got home however, I started having second thoughts - not exactly prime timing, since I bought it while in the States and was now at home standing in my very much Canadian closet. But I suddenly started to panic - It's white, won't it get dirty?! Linen gets so wrinkly! The texture won't match anything! Some of that may be true, but the blazer rises above all that foolishness - and it matches with almost everything, strangely enough. Thank you H&M gods, for creating a variation of boyfriend blazer that I can wear through the summer without getting raised eyebrows from passerbys.

Or at least more than I already do. I'm weird, and it tends to catch people's attention. I'm going to stop talking typing now.


  1. Finally! It's about time you update this blog with your pretty face :) Have you lost weight?? You look...different...in a good way! :)

    Love the striped top underneath, it adds depth to this classic look :)


  2. been wanting to buy a white blazer..yours is just want i want..tanks for dropping by my blog by the way...cheryl:)

  3. I freakin' love your white blazer:)

    kibear ♥

  4. loooooooooooove that blazer!!! i'm actually planning on buying it from h&m :) great minds think alike!

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