Saturday, June 25, 2011

Somewhere Only We Know

Some of my favourite recent buys:

1) Madewell necklace. My favourite detail has to the the lobster clasp shaped like a lifeboat preserver.
2) These MBMJ flats are the love of my life. They make every outfit that much classier.
3) If I'm not wearing my MBMJ flats, I'm wearing my TOMS. I haven't even owned them for two weeks but they are oh-so-comfy, and surprisingly versatile.
4) I have been wanting this perfume forever but I couldn't justify the 130 CAD pricetag. God bless duty-free.
5) I seriously own NO shorts. These were on sale at H&M and although I've only owned them for about 48 hours, I've worn both pairs out already. A good buy, methinks.
6) Bought this American Apparel clutch for myself as a present for finishing 3rd year; it's probably my favourite buy over the last couple months. Since I can't afford the Celine version it's inspired by, I bought the next best (and affordable) thing. The leather quality is great for the price and the clutch is simple enough that it works with pretty much any outfit. I'm kind of in love.
7) 10 CAD at Black Market. Thrifting is awesome.
8) Ditto.

I may have gone a little first (and second) paycheque crazy. Time to reel it in and start properly saving for the school year. Oh joy.

P.S. My friend is currently backpacking though Europe, and blogging about it on the way. For anyone suffering from a major case of wanderlust, click here.

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