Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Specs, I Need Some.

Ever since I found out about Warby Parker from one of my favourite bloggers The Queen of Hearts, I've been head of heels for their specs. This week I found out through my Style Spy editor Erica that they now deliver to Canada, and roughly 30 seconds later I checked Alicia Fashionista's blog to see her rocking a pair of Warby Parkers.

They should seriously give her some type of commission for selling me these glasses.

So as much as I love my Prada specs, it's time for a change. (Partly because my Pradas are too big and often fall off my face if I turn my head more than 45 degrees towards the floor.)  I was going to post pictures of me with these glasses in "virtual try on" mode, but let's be real - pretty much every word published on this blog by me is embarrassment enough.

I'm down to two pairs that I think I might get - which ones are you guys feeling more? (Let me know in the comments if you're feeling brave!)

Warby Parker "Linwood" (Same as Alicia Fashionista is wearing above!)

If I end up getting either, y'all will be the first to know.


  1. The second pair is more versatile and the first one is trendier (aka. hipster trend, lol!) My boyfriend got a pair of prescription sunglasses from WP and he loves them :) Whichever pair you decide to get, you know you'll be buying a great pair ;)

    1. Haha, so true about the Downings being hipster, although realistically it's why I love them. Glad your bf loved his WPs!

  2. Yeah, kind of forgot this place existed. Been caught up with school, volunteering, starting my summer job, writing for The Style Spy, socializing and eating good food. But let's not be silly,

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  3. Gorgeous!


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