Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cole World

H&M Waistcoat, Forever XXI top, Bongo Jeans, MBMJ Flats, Vintage Coach "Willis" Satchel.

Things this outfit taught me:

a) I had truly forgotten the joys of non-skinny leg jeans
b) Lace tops, even with a waistcoat on top, will definitely get you noticed
c) I might actually be fine with this whole 70s revival trend thing... in very, very small doses.

That aside, today is my last day in Toronto! Tomorrow, I'm heading back to Kingston once again for the start of a new school year. While I'm pretty sad to be leaving my favourite place in the world, I would be lying to you if I didn't say that I am excited beyond belief to go back to studying, partying, seeing my uni friends and generally living student life (ridiculously laid-back at times, and with stress levels completely through the roof at others.)

But before all that, today I'm taking my sister downtown for a little sisterly bonding day, and tonight we're seeing J. Cole live! I'll leave you with this; single shot videos make my life.

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