Friday, September 30, 2011

Til' Death Do Us Part

Three recently purchased items I have an unnatural attachment to:

Photography Credit: Philippe Dorman (flickr/blog/twitter)

1) Rebecca Minkoff MAC (Morning After Clutch) -- I've always wanted the MAC and after seeing it significantly discounted at the RM Endless summer sale, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. Glad to say it was not an impulse I regretted (I've had far too many of those) - the bag is extremely wearable, roomy on the inside, organized, and has just the perfect amount of badass.

2) Aldo "Qualheim" boots, aka the poor woman's Isabel Marant Dicker Boots.  -- There's a reason the Dicker boots are so popular - they're practical but fashionable, and they somehow go with pretty much every outfit imaginable (who knew tan boots were so versatile?) Unfortunately my "inspired" Aldo pair is a bit tight in the toe so I'm taking them to a cobbler to get them stretched - here's to hoping they'll be wearable after this. My love affair with these boots has gone to far for me to give up on them now.

3) Nixon "The Time Teller" -- This watch is seriously my favourite purchase since my Frye boots (which I could go on about for days.) Even the simplicity of the name only accentuates what I love about this watch - its minimalistic principles - the way something can be stripped down to it's bare bones, and end up being even more luxurious. I got this watch for 100 USD, and most people have been surprised at how little I paid, especially considering the average "fashionable" watch (ex. Micheal Kors) runs around 300 bucks.

Anddddd now I'm banned from buying luxury goods anything very long time. (Or at least until the next expensive item catches my fancy...)


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