Saturday, September 24, 2011

God Only Knows

ASOS dress, H&M clutch and belt, Aldo heels, bangle borrowed from the world's most awesome mother.

Another post that I've had lined up for roughly a billion years. Wore this to my cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago, which was a) tons of fun and b) one of the most hipster affairs I've been to in a while. My cousin wore TOMS to get married and DJed his own reception (to the styling tunes of Peter, Bjorn & John, and the like.) This outfit came together at the last minute in a complete panic, but ended up being exactly what I envisioned - don't you just love when that happens?

Disclaimer: These pictures were taken at the end of the day, after the wedding. I did not go with a crinkled dress and a really bad hairstyle, but that's what a wedding will do to a girl sometimes.

I haven't taken outfit pictures in so long and while I;d like to have a good reason, I don't - I've just been super lazy. Although I guess not having access to my Dad's dSLR anymore is a good excuse? I'm seriously just waiting it out until he gives it to me - I think this Christmas might be it, kids. Cross your fingers for me.

P.S. Thanks to Lex (personalblog/tumblr/twitter)for taking these pictures for me this time, and countless others.


  1. WOW, you look so different and... breathtaking! The colors on that dress are gorgeous and perfect together! You look like a modern Grecian goddess :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

  2. This dress is beautiful! I love everything about it and the way you styled it! Superb job! :]
    I dont have a good camera either and so I never take mpics :[ it makes me sad. But here's hopin for one! :]

    Have a great friday!

  3. That dress is amazing. That dress looks freakin' amazing on you.

    Well done, all around. Link to the dress?



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