Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can You Teach Me How To Feel Real? Can You Turn My Power On?

Chaneling my inner 90's grunge child:

Tristan vest, Garage dress, H&M tights & sunglasses, Forever 21 earrings, flea market ring & necklace, vintage Docs.

I may have built this outfit around my Docs - I was pretty excited to get them, not gonna lie. The thing about Docs is because they're so big and heavy, I'm only really comfortable pairing them with dresses (the shorter, the better.) And I'm trying to work on wearing dresses more during the day - which (for me) would have been unthinkable a year ago - so this outfit was a good exercise in trying new looks. I'm pretty happy with the final product.

Titular Song: "I Am Not A Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds


  1. This is a really amazing outfit. They look great with the short dress and go perfectly with the lace tights.


  2. looks awesome! my first docs when I was 11 where orange...thank god I changed when I got older to black. ;)

  3. Yesssssssssss, 90s forever! Love the layering. I've always wanted a pair of docs but yet to find the perfect pair.



  4. great vest! and i love the docs of course


  5. love this look! seriously love your accessories.

    ps. hope that straightener got to you safely!

    xx raez


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