Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Food For Thought

The shirt film below, "The Colour of Beauty", talks about the blatant racism in the fashion industry towards ethnic models (the film focuses on a black model named Renee Thompson).

How do YOU feel about the industry's narrow, pinhole-like vision of beauty? Where do you feel it is necessary to diversify, to what extent, and what is your reasoning? What can we as consumers do about it?

Everyone's thoughts on the subject are appreciated.


  1. That was really interesting, not to mention infuriating, thank you for sharing! It's completely necessary to diversify, I mean it's 2010, not 1950, for god's sake! Models of color should not merely be white girls who look as though they were painted black. Unacceptable. I found this article,, which lists designers who did or did not use models of color in their Fall 09 runway shows. As consumers, we can choose NOT to support those designers who do not embrace diversity.

  2. Oh I got so into my rant I forgot to compliment you on your header! How did you create it?

  3. Thanks for the comment, glad that someone took the time to watch the film and ask questions.

  4. it's like what that one gentleman said,"the fashion industry is 5 years behind reality". except, it's more like 50. there is some unrealistic standard that is so obvious in that industry and it's maddening! i have seen the most gorgeous girls turned down because they weren't white, tall enough, skinny enough...and for no justifiable reason. i applaud renee for her inner strength. she has a tough skin and a good personality, it will take her far. tace should never ever be an issue.


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