Monday, August 2, 2010

I Live For The Nights That I Can't Remember, With the People That I Won't Forget.

 (photo cred: me)
Last night, I saw Drake in concert... honestly, words cannot even describe this experience. I have never seen such a hyped up crowd in my life. Because honestly, nobody loves Drake like Toronto does. And he showed us he loved us too, because the wasn't just a Drake concert.

Young Jeezy, Bun-B, Mack Maine, Fabulous, Rick Ross, Kardinal Offishall all showed up as surprise guests. And by now, everyone is whylin' out, going off to every Drake song and he is showing us a good time. But he upped the ante... starts telling us about Toronto women, how he loves his hometown, how "I love this city with my entire life." And he picks a girl out of the crowd, brings her on stage.

 (photo cred: me)

Her name is Sara and every girl in the crowd wanted to be her. Because I'm pretty sure that Drake kissing your forehead & neck and telling you that "you're beautiful", not to mention "your ass looks great in those shorts" is on the top of every T.O. girl's wishlist.

But wait, it gets better. Because who was the next surpise guest?


It can't get any better than that. But wait... it just did. BECAUSE JAY-Z IS ON STAGE, RUNNING THIS TOWN.

This is the point where I started screaming so loudly I couldn't hear myself and jumping so much I couldn't see... my heart stopped. Because to see Drake in concert already made me happier than words could express. But to see Jeezy, Bun-B, Mack Maine, Fabulous, Rick Ross, Kardinal, Eminem and Jay-Z?! It doesn't get better than that.

Normally at concerts I am obsessed with getting fantastic photos, but for the first time in my life I was honestly too wrapped up in anything the madness and energy of the show to get a decent photo. And I don't care, because enjoying myself there was worth more than any picture. But here's a picspam from the professionals:

(photo cred: &

So, Drake... keep making your hometown proud, and we'll be here every year, backing you up.


  1. omg drake and jay z the only thing missing is Beyonce! <3 great post super pics! :))


  2. haha! im sure people hated that girl, alright! glad you had fun at the concert:)

    xx raez

  3. I heard the concert what beyond amazing! And with Eminem and Jay-Z? Toronto has never been hit by superstars like this before! You managed to get such great shots of them! Were you standing very close to the stage? :)

  4. WOOOOW this sounds amazing! I'm so jealous :O


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