Monday, August 9, 2010

R+tM watches Music Videos.

I know, fantastically creative title, right? Because watching music videos is something that that only the unique & cool kids do. (I'm willing to bet that you're one of said cool kids if you're awesome enough to be reading this blog.)

Anyways, some music videos I've been loving. They aren't all exactly new, but they're lovely all the same.

To me, the purpose of a music video is to add new dimension to the music and affect the viewer - and each of these videos did it well, albeit in very different ways. I have to admit that I didn't even like "Love The Way You lie" until I saw the video.

P.S. If you haven't already watched the Born Free video, let me warn you that it is extremely graphic and not for the weak of heart, but I think it is worth putting up because it really makes you think. One of many reasons why I love M.I.A.


  1. I saw the Born Free video when it was released, and lord, it really is graphic, M.I.A. done lost her mind with that one and I love it!
    but my favorite is Kanye! I don't care what people say I love me some Kanye, he might be a jerk but we can't deny his artistry! I always check his blog all the time, he's a personal inspiration.

    come by, say allo:

  2. nice selection!
    my fav is Kanye West ♥


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