Monday, August 16, 2010

R+tM Bakes Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the things I love about being home for the summer is that pretty much any desert I want to make, the ingredients for it are pretty much guaranteed to be lying around my kitchen. I mean, there's rarely any food, but who needs a REAL meal?! Not me.

So I tried out Chocolate Chip Cookies, the one desert that for some reason I always screw up. But because I'm me, I had to make them double chocolate. Delish.

They were gone in less than 24 hours, I kid you not. I got to eat two of them. My house is full of crazy cookie monsters (a.k.a my sister and father. Pretty sure my mother doesn't eat anything with real sugar.)

P.S. Done my summer course, relishing my freedom. I plan to make the very most of these last summer days...


  1. double the chocolate, double the fun! and congrats on finishing your summer course. you have 3 weeks to enjoy your time off! woohoo!:D

  2. These looked mouth-watering :)
    Same here, we ate right from the oven itself hence there's no need for cookie jar LOL


  3. gah. jealous! watching late night chick flicks and could use some chocolate chips over here!

  4. mmmmmm this cookies look delicious :D
    have a nice day!
    DaisyLine from

  5. Yeesssssssss! I sure do love me some chocolate chip cookies! And what's more, I was just looking at some Kitchen Aid appliances on some shopping site...the blender was $199 on sale. Maybe if I actually baked thinks for scratch...

  6. they are wonderful! I want eat them!!!
    I love chocolate!
    Visit my blog my dear!(follow me if you like and I'll follow back!)
    Hope to see you again :)


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