Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outfits of the Week: 2010.11.07-13

Decided to start a new feature where I spotlight my favourite blogger & streetsyle outfits from the past 7 days, every Sunday. Love a look? Be sure to check out their blog - all these girls have lots more where this came from.

Jennie, Going West

The last outfit by Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit technically doesn't fall within the time frame I set out for this post, but it had to included - it's the look that inspired me to start this feature.


  1. They're all lovely bloggers, super fashion forward!
    Just realised you're from Totonto as well :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  2. Hi, thanks a stack for sharing, they are all lovely young ladies.

    Thanks also for dropping a line on my last post, always great to get new visitors.

    Hope to see you visit again soon, and hope your week is going to be fabulous.


  3. they all have style!!checking some of them out

  4. The first cardigan is superstunning!


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