Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Black Everything (Again)

Urban Outfitters tunic, Costa Blanca shorts, Hue tights, Forever 21 earrings, thrifted leather belt, ring & necklace from flea market.

Getting details shots on Photobooth is kind a of a bitch. Sorry for the rather alarming last shot, lol.

Another all black look - I'm trying not to bore you guys but all black is just so easy. This outfit definitely got me a few "WTF is she wearing?" stares today, which is strange because everything I wore today was pretty standard Uni wear - although maybe not in the way I wore it. This UO tunic is too short be worn on its own (or even with leggings, in my opinion... I've tried) so I chose to add black shorts under it to make a it little less scandalous. To be honest, it's actually more clear in the pictures than in real life that I'm wearing shorts. Short version of this story: people were confused. I was most certainly asked if I was wearing a skort.

But back to all black everything - it's awesome. I have a friend who dresses only in monochrome. A look at her closet:

I'm seriously jealous. Imagine how easy it would be to get dressed in the morning? Every time I look at her closet, I seriously consider converting... but one look in my closet at all the clothing I love (ranging over every colour of the rainbow) is enough to change my mind back.

P.S. If you want to know what shoes I'm wearing, just imagine the above outfit with these boots. I wear them almost everyday - so worth the money.


  1. nothing wrong with all black everything (again lol) I mean it is always classic, timeless, and chic. =) Great outfit.



  2. i love all black outfits, they always seem so chic!! your dress looks so cute!!


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