Friday, February 26, 2010

Freshly Squeezed

So during Reading Week, I decided to do something I have always wanted to do but have simply been too lazy to do: make my own freshly squeezed OJ.

(Ya, I know you were hoping for something more epic, sorry for the letdown.)

The starting materials.

Freshly sliced orange, mmmmm.

 Squeezin' orange halves with the juicer.

Wrecked orange half.

What I got after juicing (there was definitely a "WTF" moment here. Because that is not a lot of juice.)

Juice after straining. (The orange juice in the white bowl looks almost like an egg yolk, no?)

The final product (take note of the wreckage in the background.)

It was so worth it though, the juice was amazing.


  1. oh my. this looks so refreshing! i should definitely learn to make my own juice!

    - Sarah Yvonne

  2. i freakin LOVE fresh juice in the morning.
    i like the 'yolk' shot.

  3. i need one of these!


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