Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shopping Takes the Pain Away

So I bought myself some new things, after a bad couple of days. (To be honest, I've had worse, I just like having excuses to make myself feel better.)

Had a Organic Chem lab on Wednesday in which I got no product. Then about an hour later I wrote one of the hardest midterms I've had all year. (But apparently not everyone thought it was bad, which kind of makes things even worse - I'm alone in my suffering! What can I say, misery loves conpany.) And I just got home for Reading Week only for my friends to be locked up studying or going home because their Reading Week is ending. Sadness.

Fake Pearl Necklace from H&M, which I really only bought because I wanted to take photos:

The last one is for Darcy: "clutchin' ma pearls!"

Also, Darcy and I had a very long discussion about blazers and how we could both be missing such staple pieces. Today I went on a blazer hunt and I found a few that I liked, but I'm kind of on a strict budget. So I ended up getting this boyfriend blazer from a little boutique in the town where I go to school:

Also, got a little TNA toque from Aritzia. I feel that Boots and Darcy will judge me, seeing as how it has "tnatnatna" written all over it, but I have a sick weakness for hats. Just look at how cute it is!

God bless Canadian winters for indulging me and my love of touques.

P.S. Joke of the night:

I am in love with this one campaign featuring Yulia Kharlapova for Moschino; I have it everywhere. Including as my computer background.

Mom, strolling by.
Mom: Who are all those people in those graduation photos?
Laughs to self, walks away.

Oh mother. Never change.

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  1. "Clutchin' ma pearls!"

    Ah, I love Misfits. Also, your mom is hilarious.


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