Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Heart You

Valentine's Day is near, and in honour, Boots made us all (myself, Darcy & Bri) valentines.

Boots is tres cute, love her. She also has a fab sense of style:

Ready for more? You should be. You can check out more of her style at

I bought Darcy a tickling plant for Christmas:

It's the cutest thing ever. When you touch it, it moves, and we've all been having way too much fun for our own good.

Darcy and I were supposed to make our own shredded DIY tees in the summer, but never got around to it... until now. At least she did:

Looks fab, yes? You can check out more at

And now that she's started hers, she inspired me to start work on mine. It's far from done. But you'll be the first to see when I finish.

P.S. Just found out about Alexander McQueen, RIP.

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