Monday, September 20, 2010

Do Right And Kill Everything

Urban Outfitters top, Torrid jacket, Bongo jeans, Converse shoes, Forever 21 necklace, rings from Ebay and fleamarket.

Friday's outfit. This jacket is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I really never get to wear it though, because (as you can see) it's bright, neon pink - which isn't the easiest colour to work with. I might have ended up looking like a hipster, but that's okay. I've decided that on Fridays, I'll let my inner hipster roam wild and free. She's been locked up far too long.


  1. Nice fluo jacket ;)
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  2. Love love the necklace! So quirky and cute.

    Also, we must be shopping soulmates. I just bought the Frye boots in black and gaucho! (Check out ebay - I got both for less than the price of one!)

  3. Lovely blog! :D

    By the way, I am participating in a blog contest on facebook, if I could have I would appreciate your vote. :)

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  4. great pops of colour! x


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