Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well m'dear, It Seems Autumn Is Here.

I know Fall is supposed to be a fashionista's favourite season. I know I'm supposed to be conjuring beautiful images in my brain of jumping into large piles of leaves while wearing cosy knits and riding boots before heading inside to laugh in front of a fireplace with friends while drinking hot cocoa.

But I'm not feeling it. As a person whose favourite two accessories are tights and layering you'd think I'd be shitting my pants in excitement - but all I can feel is pissed off, because in fall you can never dress for the weather. You're too cold or too hot but you're never just right.

However, there is one thing that could make me change my mind...

These boots. Black or "Gaucho", I don't care because I plan on owning both eventually. But these boots.... these boots would make Fall worth the drama.


  1. Your writing is good. Let me know if you wanna contribute on my e-mag :))

  2. I love theese boots!
    Nice blog! What do you think if we became followers each other?

  3. love the black boots!


  4. You can never go wrong with a pair of black boots.

  5. lol ok good, please don't jump into the leafs for joy or sip on hot cocoa, so typical, I'm also not really feeling Fall just yet. Hopefully I'll fall for Fall soon. Those boots looks nice, might come handy for rainy days too!

  6. Hello Roya!
    Thanks for you comment on my recent post. I got my blazer at Gap & I absolutely love it!!

    Fall is such a fun season, and i'm actually quite excited it is here. Colors and layering are my swag. hahhaa. ;D


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