Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Got To Fold 'Cause These Hands Are Too Shaky To Hold

The pictures of this outfit cam out kinda blurry and unfocused, sorry about that =/ Now that I'm back at school without my Dad's dSLR I've just been using my shitty P&S - and without flash, everything kind of goes to shit.

Lola's Room blazer, Costa Blanca shorts, random blouse.

This past weekend was homecoming! I go to an Ontario university well known both for it's academics and hard-partying reputation. The gold star on my school's record of imfamy was earned in 2004 when a car was flipped over and lit on fire during the annual homecoming street party - by students that weren't even from our school. So with dropping alumni donations due to a smeared reputation and a recession, our genius (read: idiotic) new principal decided to cancel homecoming for both last year AND this year.

And what was Homecoming now became Fauxcoming. I spent my Fauxcoming weekend nearly getting trampled in club lineups, hopping fences to get into house parties, watching police do nothing but waste our tax dollars and throw undeserving students in the back of police trucks - not to mention trying to avoid large piles of shit left by horses of said police (and mildly failing. Gross.)

But no good night ends without dancing, so after all those shenanigans we danced the night away at a local bar, which was way more fun than I anticipated. I might have pretended to not hear the cover girl say I had to pay five dollars - but hey, I had no cash and no one stopped me! Sometimes the best things in life do come for free.

P.S. Gave in, bought the black Frye boots from this post and they arrived yesterday! Will post pictures tomorrow. =)


  1. cute outfit - really love the stars :)
    i couldn't help but notice that
    fauxcoming = aberdeen = DO YOU GO TO QUEENS AS WELL?!

  2. love the shorts!

    Jose C.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I LOVE your blouse, you look great xx

  4. I'm really loving this outfit. Totally something I'd wear. That star blouse is too freakin' cute for words!


  5. sounds like quite a weekend. the past few times i went out, i actually had the most fun at a bar. the vibe's a little different than a club & i like it.

  6. i know jess of wildtortoise goes to queen's as well :) such a small world!

  7. great toP!


    Kisses from Paris~

  8. love the star top. and your header.


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