Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Limit Does Not Exist.

Would like to apologize for my absence. Partly due to being exceptionally busy - travelling to Waterloo to see friends (twice), going to NYC with family, packing to move back to school and trying to spend every last moment at home with friends, before I have to leave. The other reason is a bit of disillusionment with blogging, and how it's warped my shopping habits. Although with going back to school next week, a student budget of pretty much zero for shopping should sort that right out.

Got tatted today, the first of many to come. The symbol is called a lemniscate; it stands for infinity. In calculus, the lemniscate is often used to denote that the limit of an function is infinite or boundless - in other words, the limit does not exist.

It's a philosophy I hope to incorporate into my life more often heading into my third year of University. Last year was a bit of a train wreck for me, both academically and emotionally and I'm hoping to make a lot of changes. Now this symbol is here to remind me that Impossible Is Nothing, to always believe in my abilities and the bigger, better things on the horizon.


  1. very original tattoo! i want to get inked as well but i am a little bit scared :D btw did it hurt?

    cool post girl!

    Smiles and hugs


  2. I love the simplicity of your tattie and the meaning behind it. Very personal :)
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  3. that's super cute! never seen a tatty of it before!

    that line 'the limit does not exist' reminds me of lindsay lohan in mean girls!


  4. Totally feel you on blogging warping the shopping habits. Having a job now only makes the habit worse!

    Love the tattoo. Hope you have fun and safe travels!

  5. Ohw, cool wrist tattoo. I plan on doing one too. Did it hurt ? I'm a bit of a crybaby and I'm guessing kekeke

  6. @Joycee Felt like a tiny saw was ripping through my skin for 5 minutes. You can decide if you think that hurts, lol.

    But I think as long as it's a small tattoo it should be fine. If it's large and it takes a long time or it's over the bone, I could see how that'd be really painful.

  7. wow, it looks beautiful! I really like tattoo's, especially so small and with a special meaning.


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