Saturday, May 15, 2010

All I've Got Are These Photographs

DISCLAMIER: This is a damn long post, and it's all about cameras.

There are many things I've been obsessing over lately (fashion blogging, Jeffery Campbell shoes, tattoos, teaching ESL in Korea, etc.) - but a big one is cameras & photography in general.

In my opinion, photography is 1/3 skill (knowledge aspect), 1/3 talent (creative aspect), 1/3 glass (hardware aspect) and a pinch luck (being in the right place at the time.) Sadly, I am highly lacking in all these departments.

Well, until recently - my lovely father recently gifted me with his Nikon FX-90 SLR.


Part 1: What I Possess.

Nikon P80

The ultra-zoom Point&Shoot that non-photographers always mistake for an SLR. I love the crazy zoom it has (18x!), and it's pretty decent for taking concert photos (there have been a few venues I've been to that actually won't let people in with dSLRs!) But at the same time, I've outgrown it. I bought it because I wanted a camera that would be good in low-lighting situations, with image quality almost that of a dSLR, because I felt I wasn't ready for a dSLR at the time. But I certainly am now, and this camera has drawbacks - as a P&S, it will never take SLR quality photos, and I yearn for the creative control that SLRs allow. Also, it's too bulky to regularly carry around, an I want a little P&S that I can carry around with me places and won't cry about if I accidentally break/lose.

Polaroid Cool Cam

Cutest thing ever. Got this at Salvation Army for $4. Of course, like every other 600 Polaroid owner on the planet, I have no usable film. I'm kind of relying on The Impossible Project to come through for me on this one, but for now, no 600 film seems to be available in Canada. **sad face**

Nikon FX-90 SLR

Recently passed on to me from my father; I'm going to use it to learn how to shoot film before giving back once I've got my own film SLR (I know how much he loves this camera). I'm still trying to learn the mechanics of shooting with an SLR, so I'm expecting the first few sets of photos to be experimental and not at all good. But learning takes time, so I'm not too worried.

PART 2: What I Want.

FujiFilm Instax Mini 7

Basically the instant camera around that still has film available. I want one of these, but only because there's no Polaroid film around anymore. (Well that, and Hello Kitty is precious.)

Minolta XG-1

Darcy owns one of these, and her Flickr has officially made me obssessed with obtaining one. I love the grainy, vintage feel of the camera that still manages to capture beautiful bright colours. (Plus, I'd like to give my Dad back his SLR eventually.)

Diana F+ CMYK

I really, really want a Diana F+. And not just any Diana, this one. I love how cute it is, and Diana cameras take lovely retro photos. I am dying to buy this Deluxe Kit, as well as the Instant Back, so that it can be used instead of my Polaroid cam, or so that I don't have to buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini mentioned above.

Nikon D5000

I need this, NEED. It seems like a fantastic beginner camera, which is exactly what I need, and it has all the features I'm currently looking for in an SLR. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Digital P&S

I honestly just want one to carry around with me at all times, since carrying my current P80 or an SLR around is just a hassle. Requirements? Small, portable, half-decent photo quality - and a camera that won't break my heart if I lose it after a drunk night of clubbing.

Nikkor Fisheye Lens
Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye lens for DX cameras (the type of lens my future Nikon D5000 dSLR needs).

Nikon 16mm Fisheye lens for FX cameras (the type of lens my current Nikon FX-90 SLR needs.)

This is me being incredibly indulgent right now, because unless I win the lottery or become a professional photographer, I don't think I will ever be able to justify buying an $800 fisheye lens. Let alone two. But hot damn, I want one.

Anyways, that concludes my camera ramble. If anyone has a Nikon d5000, let me know how you like it, pros/cons, etc. =)

Titular Song: Photographs by Rihanna


  1. eiii tengo esa camara!!va genial!!:)

  2. thesee are amazing


  3. I totally want the FujiFilm Instax Mini 7 too.

    I have the Diana F+, and it's so much fun to play around with. It's incredibly light feeling.


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