Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Wish I'd Known Right From the Start That I Was Dancing With The Dark.

I'll consider this an extreme exercise in colourblocking:

Forever 21 tunic. American Apparel Mesh Dress, Belt & Leggings. Payless shoes.

Wore this out to a club which ended up sucking ass. We ended up at McDonalds by 1am.

Although to be honest, when I'm back home, we always end up at McD's. It's just the better your night is, the later you get there. I'll aim for 3am next time.

Titular Song: "Run Devil, Run" by Ke$ha.


  1. Great bold look with the color blocking!

    How comfortable is the AA mesh dress?

  2. Nice! There's this hole in the wall Mexican place that everyone ends up post-clubbing. The later you get there, the drunker people are.

  3. @ Beth: The dress is soo comfortable, I love it. It has way more stretch than the lace version, and you kind of can't even feel it once it's on, lol.

  4. hey lovely
    i use a nikon d60 :)

    have a great weekend!


  5. Your header is amazing, and love how you make the colors look so chic!


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