Friday, May 7, 2010

Roya + the Machine Goes to Work

In the summer, I work at a bank as a summer intern (super related to the fact that I'm a science major, right?) Anyways, the corporate world has a different dress code - one which very few items in my wardrobe fit. Here's one of the few outfits I've worn so far that I'm not actually ashamed of:

Old Navy top.

This top is probably the only Old Navy item I own (besides flip flops) that wasn't purchased for me in elementary school. I love this top, it's so bright & flowy - perfect for spring. I love these high waisted pants (one of only two high waisted items I own), but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the boutique where I got them. Somewhere near York Mills & Yonge (for anyone who's from Toronto).

P.S. Thanks to Mishka for taking these =)


  1. So glad I found someone else who loves Florence!

    She's one to watch, I think her style could be one for the history books, not to mention her music !

    Great idea for a post btw, adding a little colour to my work uniform is something I need to try !

    Thanks for visiting my blog!



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