Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like Saying Lord, I Just Don't Care, But You've Got The Love I Need to See Me Through.

Florence + the Machine's album "Lungs" pretty much single handedly got me though last week, which has been one of the worst of my life. (Okay, Haagen-Dazs helped too.) So glad exams are over.

Glad to be back home and yet so exhausted. Some of my favourite things from the past couple days:

Dominican & Canadian flags; hallway mirror; wood statue from Brazil; my sister's boots; my sister's robot belt buckle. Shot with my Dad's Nikon D90.

I'm back at work now, and my friend Mishka and I took some photos of one of my work outits. Preview of me screwing around:

More to come!

P.S. Also: updated the layout a bit, got a new header and updated my favourite blogs on the side. All the Canadians are bolded because we're awesome.

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