Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Nude Look.

I am all over this neutrals/nude tones look for spring - unfortunately I own nothing taupe coloured. I was unsure if someone with darker skin tone such as myself could pull off wearing all neutrals, but my very fashionable mother pulled off the number quite well today (unfortunately she refuses to take pictures), so I may have to try it in the near future.

For now, some inspiration:

Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style

Louise of Miss Pandora (She's pretty much the queen of the all neutrals look, in case you couldn't tell.)

However, my personal favourite take on the look so far:

Sabrina of afterDRK

Anyways, I'm off to bake cupcakes at my friend's house. Peace!


  1. me too i wanna try neutrals this summer! but, like you, i'm not sure it'll have the same "nude" effect since i'm also black! oh well, never hurts trying!

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  2. loving all there blogs they all look so pretty x

  3. ahh i really need to get some more nude in my life.

  4. love all these styles and outfits, the colors are great!

  5. they have such great personal style

  6. I love the nude trend too! It's so subtle. I think girls with darker skin can totally pull it off. The colors will look even richer!

    Haha, I loved your comment about the power of Hello Kitty.

  7. I am equally in love with this nude trend ! I love the pictures you chose for this post.
    Have a great weekend : )

  8. great post! I love stylorectic too!


  9. Miss Pandora is fabulous.. wow..
    we hope your cupcakes turned out delicious

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  10. Nude is showing up EVERYWHERE recently. Total fan of the trend though. And mmmm cupcakes...

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