Sunday, May 9, 2010


This post is dedicated to the complete total of about five people who read this blog. Can't believe I've already been writing this thing for three months!

I found myself thinking yesterday: I need more skirts. This thought is extremely out of character for me, and I can tell you why: Because I hate skirts (hence the lack of them in my closet). I find them awkward to wear and hard to match, not to mention extremely unflattering to my body shape. However, I have become obsessed with a fair amount of clothing items/trends that if you had told me I liked them a year ago,  I would have thought you were crazy.

This includes:

--Dresses (To be honest, I just hate my legs.)
--Bodycon everything
--Leopard Print
--Floral Prints

(Wow, I just really looked at this list, and basically I am becoming a girl.)

But honestly, my fashion sense broadened up so much in the past year. I attribute this to a couple things: a) Finally having the money to buy myself a decent amount of new clothing, b) Living with girls who are as fashion-conscious/obsessed as I am, and c) reading blogs about everyday people with fantastic style. Those people inspired me to start dressing myself better and to eventually start this blog. I hope the evolution of my fashion sense its evident on this blog, and that you will continue the ride with me.

P.S. Happy Mother's Day Mom! (Even though I'm pretty sure you don't know I have this blog.) I love you.


  1. omg, turning 20 IS depressing! i didn't know whether i should be happy or sad. seriously.

    um... ps, everything on your list = my list too. never did i think i would be obsessed with leopard print... i still don't own anything leopard because i'm still waiting to come across the perfect coat and blouse. same with bodycon and floral prints! never would i have ever thought i'd like these things!!

    P.S. really cool header! it looks like cobwebs... but i guess that was the point, haha

  2. im turning 25 now that is depressing x


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